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Bellingham WA 98225
Tel: 206.981.6880

My name is Charmian and I'm an all around quirky gal who loves creating herbal products and hands on healing to help make one's life a little better. A little dash of inspiration, a pinch of magic and a whole lotta love... The recipe that goes into every herbal creation. My aim is to formulate herbal remedies and beauty products as well as provide holistic health services that make our lives more in tune with our natural surroundings and inner needs. Maybe let us shine and sparkle a little bit more? Put a little bit of pep in our step! Emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically... We all need a little help and I think getting back in touch naturally from what our land is able to give us makes it all the better for healing and being complete!

Shine on folks!



What Our Customers Have to Say


"Rose, Orange, Chocolate, lotion bar - Really love the lotion bars. I chose this product simply based on the quality of the ingredients. The rose petals were a little scratchy but, otherwise, a great lotion bar which I will purchase again. It is especially nice to use after shaving my legs." - CrombieVA


"Holy Smokes Pain Salve - Fastest shipping ever! And the salve works. I have knee pain from different injuries, and using the salve before bed allows me to sleep through the night with diminished discomfort. The smell is strong, but thankfully not menthol. It smells like autumn in Alaska." - JennBodie


"Breathe Easy Salve - Excellent for my congestion, and especially my sinus. Will continue to buy this awesome chest and nasal salve!" - L Reeve


"Peony Cherry Blossom Salt Scrub - Love the scent of this and the way it makes my skin feel. I put it on towards the end of my shower and pat dry. It leaves my skin feeling soft and the scent doesn't linger to interfere with my perfume." - AM Larsen 


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