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Holistic Services

List of all holistic modalities that is provided by our wellness studio is available for booking below.


Note: Cancellation policy for all holistic and consultation services is 48hours notice. If cancellation notice is received less than 48hours, then a 50% cancellation charge of the service booked will be applied.


Ayurvedic Consultation

Click on Ayurveda page 


Wellness Packages

Need to treat yourself to a little rest and rejuvenation? Try our half day wellness packages! Click on Wellness Packages for more information.


Panchakarma Packages

Need a whole system reboot? Why not try Panchakarma? Click on Panchakarma Packages for more information.



Reiki Session

*discount codes do not apply for this service

Reiki focuses the universal life energy and releases energy blocks and allows the body's own natural healing ability to work.

Reiki is holistic in its approach and works with not only the symptoms an individual experiences but the root cause of the imbalance as well.

The energy should flow freely through your energy centers, in order for you to be spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy. If energy paths are blocked, you may feel ill, weak or have pain.

Reiki works with the energetic, physical and emotional aspects of the individual to address imbalances on all levels.

For more information on Reiki, click on Reiki FAQs.

$60 for 60minutes (15 mins consultation followed by 45 mins Reiki)

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Distant Reiki Session

*discount codes do not apply for this service

Distant Reiki sessions can be done with you, your friends, or loved ones if the person can't come to Reiki hands-on session. It will work just as effectively no matter where you are. 

Are you shaken up by the Covid-19 fears and is the anxiety of the virus getting to you? Are you feeling nervous and lost and need immediate support?

I am confident that Distant Reiki can help you during any pandemic.

Free consultation before the session is available on Zoom.

$30/session  45minutes 

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Sound Therapy Session

*discount codes only apply to Single Person Session for this service

Sound healing is based on Vibroacoustic/Cymatic Therapy. It involves the use of vibrations emanating from instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes. The client remains fully dressed as they lay upon the table. Tones and sound are played and heard through the ears, and directly transmitted as vibrations through to every part of the body, inside and out.  The soothing vibrations harmonize your body back into its natural state (known as entrainment), as well as drive energy from cell to cell, clearing blockages and stimulating neuro-pathways. 

For more information on Sound Therapy see SoundTherapy page .

Single Person - $65 for 60 minutes (includes 15mins consultation)

Couples - $100 for 60 minutes (includes 15mins consultation)


Packages (for single person)* (when purchased as a package)

6 sessions - $300 ($50/session)

5 sessions - $255  ($51/session)

4 sessions - $215 ($53.75/session)

3 sessions - $165 ($55/session)

2 sessions - $115 ($57.50/session)

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Abhyanga is a warm oil therapy. The therapist will work with warm oils as well as aromatherapy and accupressure to unwind your nervous system. This promotes the mind to calm and relaxation while the body eliminates the toxins.

$140 for 90 minutes; $100 for 60 minutes

*you can add a shirodhara therapy to abhyanga for an extra $75, see below under Ayruvedic Cleansing - Shirodhara

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*discount codes do not apply for this service

Swedana is a herbalized steam box treatment to allow the body to sweat out built up toxins and move remaining toxins towards the GI tract for proper elimination.

$30 for 20 minutes

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Ayurvedic Cleansing - Netra (eye) Basti 

Netra basti is a restorative and preventative Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes. This ghee therapy cleans the eyes so that the tension trapped in and around the eyes and sockets is relieved. A bonus to this is that it relaxes not only the eye area, but the whole face.

Dough is made using organic flour and placed around the eye orbit to create a small well. The well is filled with luke-warm ghee (clarified butter), and then the patient opens his/her eye and performs various eye exercises while submerged under the ghee.

Both eyes: $85 for 1.15 hours

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Ayurvedic Cleansing - Kati (lower back) Basti 

In Sanskrit, ‘Kati’ means the lower back and ‘Basti’ means retaining something inside. Kati Basti is a soothing treatment where a large quantity of warm herbalised oil is retained on your lower back to relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation.

In Kati Basti, the benefits of the treatment come from the herbal oil. The warmth and pressure of the oil allows deeper absorption into the muscles, tendons and ligaments, relaxing spasms and reducing pain and stiffness.

Dough is made using organic flour and placed around the lower back to create a small well. In the session, your therapist will drape you with towels and sheets as a dough is placed on your back. The well is then filled with medicated blend of ghee and oils.

$65 for 1 hour

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Ayurvedic Cleansing - Hyridya (heart) Basti 

Hyridya in Sanskrit means heart and ‘Basti’ means retaining something inside.

Hyridya Basti is an Ayurvedic treatment for the heart, both the physical heart and the emotional heart. Organic flour is used to create a reservoir that is placed over the sternum. Warm, medicated, herbal oils are poured inside the reservoir, concentrating the healing benefits of the oil where you need it most.

This treatment is supportive for
- aggravated vata in the chest region, nourishing the cardiac muscles, loosening the grip of deep seated grief, unresolved emotions, soothing the lungs, deeply relaxation and rejuvenation.

$65 for 1 hour

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Ayurvedic Cleansing - Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing utilizes tuning forks, crystals, special oils for each chakra, bija sounds and affirmations to activate the chakras.

$45 for 45 minutes; $65 for 1 hour (includes 15 min consultation)

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Ayurvedic Cleansing - Shirodhara 

Shirodhara is a therapy that balances and stabilizes the mind. To receive shirodhara, the client lies down upon a massage table with their eyes covered. Next, specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured in a thin steady stream directly onto the forehead and sixth chakra. Shirodhara purifies the mind, alleviates anxiety, reduces headaches, and expands awareness.

$135 for 1.5 hours; $100 for 1 hour; $65 for 30mins;

$75 add Shirodhara to Abhyanga 

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Herbal Foot Soak

*discount codes do not apply for this service

In Ayurveda, a foot bath and foot massage relaxes the whole physiology and provides a feeling of revitalization, increased energy, and improved circulation throughout the body. Experience our aromatherapy foot soak with a unique blend of aromatherapy oils, herbs, enhanced with our Dead Sea salt blend and a 30 minute relaxing accupressure therapy.

$50 for 30 minutes


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Note: *Discount codes available unless otherwise stated

*one discount code ONLY off entire price per total final amount

Contact me for promo code before you book your appointment online.

Senior Citizens - 30%

Student - 40%

Burnish Studio community - 25%





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