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Ayurveda a natural system of medicine, originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. The term Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowledge). Thus, Ayurveda translates to science of life.

Ayuvedic Medicine is a natural approach to remedy imbalances that can occur during different stages of life, by looking at each individual as a whole.


Here at MelliferaPnoe, I practice Maharishi Ayurveda and provide ayurvedic consultation to assist in the your overall health and wellness through diet, daily routines, cleansing as well as herbal remedies. These remedies will be tailored to your unique make-up.


The consultation can help assist with finding ways to address imbalances such as (but not limited to) :

- Digestive disorders

- Insomnia

- Anxiety

- Mood swings

- Enegry levels, exhaustion


While in Your Ayurvedic Consultation information is gathered from various sources such as from a pulse reading taken at your wrist. Also, an examination of your facial features, hair, and nails gives a strong indication of how your organs are functioning. We will also incorporate any additional information you provide through a questionnaire. We will address your current state of diet, digestion and elimination. Once we the analysis is complete, I will educate you on which foods, spices,  herbs, exercise routines , Ayurvedic treatments, cleanses and any addtional remedies that would be best for your own unique constitution.

These remedies can be then applied to your life long term and you will be empowered to be your own advocate in leading a healthy life.



Ayurveda Consultation Service

Note: Cancellation policy for all holistic and consultation services is 48hours notice. If cancellation notice is received less than 48hours, then a 50% cancellation charge of the service booked will be applied.


In Person or Zoom 


1.5 hours for $150;

1hr for $100

Includes a 30-minute follow-up consultation, to be booked within two to three weeks from your initial consultation.

*Herbs are not included.

Book your appointment here : Bookme


Follow-up Consultation

1 hour, $100.00
1/2 hour, $50.00

*Herbs are not included.

Book your appointment here : Bookme


Ayurveda Consultation appointments are set on a case by case basis for now due to time availability. Please contact me directly to determine if there is capacity currently and an appointment will be set up. 


All appointments will take place in Pacific Daylight Time.  Zoom sessions must prepay at the time of scheduling. Thank you!


Note: *Discounts Available unless otherwise noted

*one discount code ONLY off entire price per total final amount

Contact me for promo code before you book your appointment online.

Senior Citizens - 30%

Student - 40%

Burnish Studio community - 25%





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